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take pride to provide you with in depth knowledge and best possible solutions. Of course we provide you also with products of your choice, always provide cutting edge technology when it makes sense and taking your way of dealing with your business as granted and support you where ever possible to achive success. Your succes is our success !!

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We are located in ATHENS/GREECE and have a dynamic network of dealers and workshops throughout the territory of Greece and beyond. 2010 we started selling LPG and CNG Systems to dealers and workshops in Greece and Cyprus. During the recent years we expanded our list of suppliers and products and managed to establish strong bonds to nearly all the major producers for LPG/CNG Equipment in the automotive sector. For most of the Original Equipment Makers (OEMs) we are by now the sole Distributor in Greece, Cyprus and beyond. Furthermore we are one of the few companies in Greece officialy aknowledged and recognised by the Greek Government. Every year we ask our Suppliers and Clients for their testimonial of the year passed to evaluate what we could do better. Please see beside our clients testimonial for 2014 concerning their satisfaction working with us !

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Product Range

You have the choice and we are always ready to advise you for different applications. Aiming at perfection in our business, here is one thing we learned from our customers... keep the budget low, keep the quality at the peak and offer best possible prices for the different applications and take care about us. Well here you are.....

  • GAS+

    High Quality - Low Budget

    High Quality Products mixed with necessary Accesories

    Full Service

    Wide application range

    Designed to meet yor needs for standard applications

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  • Premium

    You need better....?

    Premium Product Range

    Main components are of Premium Quality

    Wide application range

    OBD connection possible

    Full documentation available

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  • Pro

    for the Professionals

    High End application

    Best performance in the Market

    All components of oustanding quality

    OBD auto adaptivity

    Tuned Cars, no problem !

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  • Direct Injection

    New Generation

    Plug & Drive

    OEM Made Solutions

    wide application range

    4/6/8 Cyl. ready to use

    Full documentation and ready made configuration files

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